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EPP-DRS registry modules API (RAPI)

This document will help you to create EPP-DRS registry module.

Sample code

You can find sources of Affilias and RRPPRoxy modules inside EPP-DRS SDK

Essential requirements

EPP-DRS registry module is a folder inside module/registries. Folder name is the name of your module.

Module class

Module folder must contain file named class.RegistryModule.php. This file must contain PHP class called MyRegistryModule, where My is the name of your payment module. :!: Module folder must also be named My in this case.

The class must conform the following requirements:

Module manifest

MyRegistryModule folder must contain module.xml - an XML manifest that contains module configuration, registry limits and capabilities, defines a list of supported domain extensions etc.

For example, it defines

  • Either registry supports password change for a registrant contact.
  • Either domains can be locked/unlocked
  • Either registry supports domain aplication recall
  • The way domains are renewed (automatically or should be initiated by registrant)
  • The list of spported domain flags
  • Many other settings.

The format definition for the module.xml (DTD Schema) is in modules/registries/manifest.xsd. You can validate your module manifest against Schema and manual rules using modules/registries/ManifestValidator.xsl. EPP-DRS will also validate manifest when the module is loaded.

When EPP-DRS loads a module, it maps your module.xml to a RegistryManifest. You can access this object in your module code as $this→Manifest if needed.

Please see Modules→RegistryModules package in API Reference for detailed documentation on RAPI classes.